Friday, 4 January 2013

Urban Agricolture

Produce fresh vegetables to sell directly to the public at reasonable prices.

The intent of the new skyscrapers "greenhouse", designed to meet the needs of a growing population concentrated in large urban centers. 
The first example of these new structures is under construction in Linköping, Sweden, where the company Plantagon is building a skyscraper of 54 floors. 
The structure, function as a real greenhouse but will grow vertically. The windows of the building will also be slanted so that you can have the best sunlight.

The urban greenhouses will be used to produce many different crops. Among these will be planted mainly green leafy vegetables such as lettuce and spinach. As the building, the cycle of the greenhouse will take place in vertical: the sowing in the upper floors then, the vegetables go down to the lower floors depending on their maturation. 
The benefits from the skyscrapers such as the greenhouse Plantagon are significant. 
First, a high level of productivity: estimates can reach 300 kilograms of crop per square meter. Furthermore this type of structure, being protected, may allow the elimination of pesticides, chemicals and minimizes the amount of land occupied. To this is added a reduced environmental impact and the absence of the earth because the growth is ensured by the use of water enriched with minerals.

Given the many benefits from the new urban agriculture, in addition to Sweden, other countries such as Japan, the United States and China, are beginning to 'wink' to these types of structures.

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