Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Sell her dress on Ebay: take the photo with her naked and the price go up!

When Aimi Jones, 21, has photographed her yellow dress to sell on eBay, has not come to terms with the mirror next to her closet. And so his nearly naked body is "finished" in the image that she has also published on the popular auction site. 
They realized the embarrassing error, the eBay users, who shared the photo on Twitter using a hashtag - #ebayyellowskaterdress - soon followed. 
At that point the 21 year old English girl, residing in the county of Oxfordshire, replaced the first image with another in which it appears dressed close to the dress.
The Yellow dress, on sale at a starting price of £ 15, seems to have been acquired, following the media fuss, for the astronomical sum of 153,000 pounds, the equivalent of 184,000 euro.


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