Thursday, 24 January 2013

Australian Open 2013:Djokovic reaches another Grand Slam's final

Could not be. The sublime tennis from Djokovic ended the dream that Ferrer reached his first final in a Grand Slam. The world number one ran over Javea arrollándole by a clear 6-2, 6-2, 6-1. 

The Serbian prevented Ferrer first came to a grand finale. Ferrer noted the first game of the match but it was all an illusion and a delusion. Nole then swept into Spanish. With an overwhelming game from the bottom of the track moved from side to side to Ferrer who ran behind meaningless impossible balls.

The first set began equalized to 2-2. When the first service roptura Nole by the story ended. David used to be a warrior and a fighter when facing the best players in the world. But in this match there was the surprise choice. Djokovic walked steadily again breaking a Spanish kick started his penance for the meeting until the first set gave a clear 6-2.

Djokovic did not relax.

The script did not change in the second set. The cannon from the bottom of Nole razed to Ferrer started down arms and leave the party. The Javea started well with their service but the Serb was eating her morals to be the absolute ruler. The second set was also a breeze. Djokovic cruised in its first kick with intractable services to the rest of insufficient Ferrer also sank knee on serve. Was repeated 6-2 in the first set.

The third set was again a display of Novak Djokovic who never thought they could reach a Grand Slam final with minimal effort and without being so required. Ferrer permanently surrendered. The third set ended 6-1 for shattering the dream of David. The final of a Grand Slam will have to wait for the Spanish to be in Australia with the consolation of sneaking in the top four. Djokovic will have the opportunity to win the title. Right now the best player in the world has no rival.

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