Friday, 11 January 2013

A strange way to advertise...

"I am a beautiful girl and I offer my breast to greeting cards and advertising, Please send me your messages and I will send you a photo with the words on my breast."

An unusual way to make money and make themselves known. A young girl in the Czech Republic has invented an ingenious way of making money: put advertising on her breasts.

For just six euro, 'the investor' can advertise a product or an event on one of the two breasts, or twelve, to both. The identity of the girl is still hidden but apparently not for long, because the idea has become viral and is making the rounds on the web. The mysterious girl said to be beautiful, young and be able to offer its forms and for publicity for 'greeting cards'.

The news reports it's on the Sun online edition.

This type of campaign has already raised 2 thousand like me on Facebook and a lot of page views from more curious.

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